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There are many businesses online that know how important SEO, Site Design & Setup, PPC Campaigns and General Marketing efforts are to be effective in helping them grow.  They have looked into the cost and it seems like a lot of money up-front without any guarantees of success. They have looked into doing it themselves and it is so complicated, time consuming and the rules change constantly. Without the money to hire a full time marketing person or to engage a pricey firm, they don’t know what to do!

No one wants their hard work to come up on the tenth page of a Google search. What do they do about all the other search engines, Bing, AOL, Yahoo, Etc? Did you know changes to your site can have you ranked lower? If your site was designed years ago, is it using code that will rank you lower on the indexes? It all seems so overwhelming!

If only there were a low cost solution to help manage all this? Well, there is!

Our easy Starter Business Marketing Management Plan. We will hold your hand and guide you through the complex maze, if you can do the work yourself then great, if not, we can take care of it for you!

Get Started Today! and begin doing business with a partner that helps relieve the stress!

Our easy Starter Business Marketing Management Plan includes.

SEO (Analysis, Monitoring & Recommendations)
Organic Search Value (Every site can be analyzed and an equivalent PPC value placed on it, we can recommend ways to add content to increase that value and organically bring you more visitors.)
Site Uptime Monitoring (if your site experiences a lot of downtime where your business is not live online, we can suggest fixes)
Site Traffic Analysis (Are you getting the right visitors to your site?)
Mobile Monitoring (Is your set up configured to be usable with the masses who are now purely mobile)
Site Usability (Are people bouncing really quickly from your landing pages, we can tell you why!)
Security Issues (A constant issue online)
Social Media Monitoring (Who is talking about you, do the search engines see the relationships between your site and your social media initiatives.)
Monthly Detailed Reporting (Each month we monitor your site and provide you a full report on your site, its health, activity, issues and the recommendations of what to do to correct them.)

This information is valuable and making sense of it is so important. That's What We Do For You!

Cancellation Policy: Our subscription contract doesn't tie you up, it's month to month, so you can use the service for a short period of time to get a snapshot of how the Search Engines see you or like most successful businesses, and use it constantly to track your progress and keep up with and ahead of the competition. Plus, when you purchase our plan, you will begin a relationship with a leading Content Marketing Agency with assets that can help your business grow. We have a track record of successfully growing business, will your business be next?


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When you sign up for any managed Pay Per Click Campaign with GCG the Starter Business Marketing Management Plan is FREE. We are experts in the PPC world and will give you the best service building your business. Contact GCG now to get started.

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