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GCG operates its business in a style that can save its clients time and money. We work as a one-stop for our clients. We work directly with you to facilitate your content marketing or associated business needs. When you need a skill set that is either unavailable because of scheduling or a specialty that we don't handle directly in-house, we find it for you and help manage it. Let's say you need a great high end web designer or location photographer, then we reach out to our network of professionals and connect you to them. We work as the Project Manager and liaise with the client and the professional.

As we are always building our professional network, if you are a marketing professional or have a skill set in the areas below, please send us your resume so we can consider partnering with you to fill the needs of clients.

• PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns • Video Production • Social Media Management • Photography • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
• Editing & Post Production • Media Buying • Voice Over Services • Advertising Production • Graphic Design • Syndication • Brand Development
• Copy Writing • Project Management • Market Research • Email Marketing • Website Development
• Youtube Channel Optimization • Google Adsense Creatives

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We will engage with you in services that are beneficial to you and your business and that we feel we can deliver results that you will be happy with. When needed, we work with a network of independent professionals that report to us as the project managers, so there is no extra workload for you or your staff and we can help achieve your goals. Each service is priced accordingly with respect to the workload and the time allocation required.

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We follow all the trends in the marketing world, so you have the time to focus on the others areas of your business.

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