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GCG is run by Ian Faith, its President, who has been promoting and marketing consumer and b2b products for over 15 years, both for his own companies and for his clients. Coming out of one of the hardest industries to market in, the music and entertainment business, where the challenges of marketing non essential luxury consumer products that have such a low level of customer 'need', which takes such a high level of consumer education and emotional engagement before you trigger the 'want' or 'buy' response, makes marketing in 'need' based industries relatively easy in comparison. The majority of the marking efforts in the entertainment business is Content Marketing.

An entrepreneur, a dynamic professional and self-starter. A leader with vision and integrity, committed to producing high quality results and completing projects on time and within budget. Ian is a strategic thinker and planner, skilled in the design and execution of brand building, and possesses outstanding leadership and team building skills that generate optimum productivity and performance.  He is committed to overachieving corporate objectives with a solid history.

Ian has been a Google Premium Partner since 2008 and is an AdWords PPC Specialist. He is also skilled in audio and video content production, winning awards worldwide over the last 25 years. He is also at the forefront of the hottest current online content marketing outlet, Youtube and its branded channel focus. Youtube is not only a place to watch funny cats but is the #2 Search Engine in the world behind Google. This demonstrates the power of the visual and how important content marketing is for all businesses.

I look forward to talking with you and helping you achieve your business goals!


"I get out of bed everyday to succeed in my daily work and life. Just getting through the day is not my cup of tea." Ian Faith



Here are some examples of successful Content Marketing Initiatives from GCG (1998 to Present)

Clients/Content Assets/Year:
• iCoat Concrete/EpoxyProducts - "Tutorials & How To's Video Series" (2013-4)
• iCoat Concrete/EpoxyProducts - Biz Card DVD How To - World of Concrete Show (2014)
• EZ-Driver (ATM, Inc) Bearing Installer Tools - "Works-On Campaign" (2014)
• Simply Hispanic Life Insurance - "Latino Life Stories Video" (2013)
• VJWorld "Fireplaces, Fishtank & Lava" DVD - Open Source Syndication (2011-2013)
• Shadow Dancers Visuals Trademark/Brand - "National News Story via Licensing into Apartment Windows" (2008-2010)
• Los Angeles Inc - "City Wide Life Story Photography" (2007)
• Ford Motor Company - "Visuals for Airstream" (2006)
• Bernadette Moley - "Visions of Ireland Video" (2005)
• Boo Yaa Tribe/Eminem - "Tribal Scars Documentary" (2004)
• IBM Product Launch - "Business Card DVD" (2000)
• Debra Davis - Angel Story Book/Sampler (1999)

Ian Faith Content Marketing Specialist
Ian Faith (President)

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We will engage with you in services that are beneficial to you and your business and that we feel we can deliver results that you will be happy with. When needed, we work with a marketing think tank network of independent professionals that report to us as the project managers, so there is no extra workload for you or your staff and we can help achieve your goals. Each service is priced accordingly with respect to the workload and the time allocation required.

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