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Marketing 2014: If you have been following the news lately, you will have seen surveys that show over 60% of TV viewers are using another device while watching. This means they are multitasking on their phones and tablets, on social media, browsing websites, emailing and texting. This is why so many networks are creating second screen content so they can engage these viewers and reinforce the message for their advertisers. It points to one of the many great shifts in the world of advertising and marketing.

Product placement in TV shows and Movies has become much more prevalent as companies focus on Branding. Why? because they know it works! Content Marketing plays a great role here, as consumers don't want to be spammed they want to discover. People love discovery, even if it happens late in a products cycle. But why rent the content space when you can own it and control the message? Traditional inbound marketing needs to be supplemented with content marketing, because one feeds the other and they both grow stronger and more valuable to your business.

Crafting your companies story and its brands within content marketing is a winning proposition!

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Great examples of Content Marketing: Lego put out a catalog with stories and adventures with Lego characters - Great way to sell Lego! Call GCG to explore 'Opportunities' to connect your company and its brands with original content. If you have a concept you are looking to develop or you are looking for fresh and creative content marketing ideas, then call us to chat.

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