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Content Marketing Company Digital Agency

PPC Campaign Management, CRM, SEO, Websites, Content Creation, Advertising & More
including: Endorsement Marketing for your Business & Experience Marketing for your Sales Team

Pyramid Building 2.0: This is a design and DESIGN process to build your website from the inside out using our proprietary system that guarantees when your site is complete, that is will be optimized and indexed so you will be found when your potential customers search for you. It is the most in-depth process in the industry, mimicking the way the Egyptians built the pyramids, with a network within to achieve their objectives, a foundation, strong and content filled, with a zenith that could be seen from a long way away. If you are just designing and coding a home page, and think that will work for you in 2014, you are sadly mistaken. The new rules and algorithms of the internet and search will define your businesses relevance and who can afford to be irrelevant?


Marketing 2014: Understanding how the Search Engines see your Website and online presence is vitally important to the health of your business and the organic or Free visitors you will get to your website based on search terms. From the outside looking in, many owners feel their website is healthy, looks great and doesn't really have any problems. Well like an MRI for the body, we have tools to see your website from the other very important side, because this is how you get ranked by the search engines and it defines what page you end up on in search. Take a look at our Managed Digital Accounts package that is worth its weight in gold, what it will tell you will blow your mind, it is the health check-up for your website that will give you a clear picture and hopefully peace of mind.

Google Quote: "Content is the future of all online search" Consumers don't want to be spammed they want to discover. People love discovery, even if it happens late in a products cycle. But why rent the content space when you can own it and control the message? Traditional inbound marketing needs to be supplemented with content marketing, because one feeds the other and they both grow stronger and more valuable to your business. Crafting your companies story and its brands within content marketing is a winning proposition!

Most Important Rule: "If a Marketing or SEO company GUARANTEES you the first page or top spot on Google, never hire them! Position can't be bought or paid for it must be earned. Unacceptable players may trick the search engines briefly, but Google 'can and will' remove from the index, anyone who cheats their way to the top.

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